Mar 26, 2020

Oh hey there!! Remember early summer 2018 when my family and I jetsetted over to Italy for a 2 week family vacation.  Our first stop was Rome and we were there 5 days, on our first evening my beautiful friend who now lives in London, England met us for an evening on the town with the kids.  It was so much fun, the kids were able to play in the palazzo with other children in the dark, we were able to enjoy a long night at a quaint little patio, it was all heaven.
Over the next couple days we discovered Rome, the Basilica’s the Fountains, the Ruins, so much beauty and history in one place.  Our last evening together we explored all day and then after dinner (which was usually pizza lol)  we met up for our Engagement Session.  We played with the last bit of sunshine on the terrace of our apartment and then took off into the streets around where we were staying.  Italy does not disappoint, every turn, every nook and cranny there is so much Everything.  Everything that is amazing and beautiful and special and which carries so much history and the people and the food. Ok Yep I gotta stop.
Needless to say, Italy is amazing, this couple is amazing, being able to be creative in such a space at such an epic time of the day, all magic.  So happy I could capture these for the soon to be married couple,  over the moon excited I was chosen to photograph the Wedding in November in Ontario.  It’s going to be amazing, can’t wait for this couple to be Husband and Wife!! And to travel again together in the future of course!!  If you make it to the end, I have added some sweet photos of our travels together!! Love you Lorin and Vladi!  Skip ahead to March 2020, they have welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world, Lexi.  Over the moon happy for everyone!!