“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”

Marc Riboud


Learn from an Industry leader on how to Read the Light and Capture Emotion.




courses outline

Unit One

Shooting Indoor light – Spotting highlights mid tones and shadows

  • Lightroom Basics
  • How to use the light
  • Where to shoot/ Where not to shoot
  • Time of day and location
  • Going over and discussing portfolio
  • What fave images work and Why some images don’t work
  • Tidying up
  • Includes Video tutorials on different lighting and how to edit

$250 For 2 hours

Mentorship and Workshops

So excited to now be offering Workshops! I have so many ideas we can work on together!

For a Limited time this Workshop will be available at a special Introductory rate of $75 for 1 hour Photography Lesson via Zoom.

These Workshops are going to be held at local establishments such as Studio 117 in Whitby and The Collective Office in Bowmanville.

Right now, we are not able to do such things. So I will offer this Workshop via, FaceTime or Zoom calls. I am positive you will receive the same amount of knowledge from either process.


The one where you learn to use your Camera on Manual

This Workshop we are going to Start with the Basics. I was all Gung ho about beginning with Self Portraiture, but I want to ensure you feel confident behind your camera first. We will discuss Light and Exposure and how to use Manual on your DSLR’s. We will have a lesson plan concentrating on photographing Indoor Light and using a window as a big light source.


The one where you shoot portraits of yourself

Here we go! For the further advanced student who is able to use their camera on Manual or just taken Workshop 1. I offer you Self Portraiture. This is so much fun and you don’t even need to own a tripod. Bonus points if you do. Jokes. Tips and tricks I use myself to capture yourself behind the lens.


The one where you learn Lightroom

Ok so you are doing lots of shooting and you love your images buuuut, they need a little something extra? I bring you Lightroom Level 1. I teach you how to you run Lightroom from Import to Export, How to edit a photo in RAW, how to use presets and which ones are my favourite.

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Over 26 years of experiences with multi medias, to include Film Photography, Film processing, Darkroom master level.  ACR and Lightroom Digital photography and Marketing experience.  Over 25 magazine publishings and Covers from Magazines such as East of the City, Canadian Foundation of Pharmacy and Rural mags along with local Durham Region publishings such as Metro Land and Bowmanville Today.