In-Home + Downtown Port Hope Branding Session

Jan 18, 2022

Hello beautiful people, thank you so much for landing here!! I’m going to keep it real simple.  My job as a professional photographer is to represent you, the client in the highest regard possible.  This includes pretty pictures, creativity and good light. But what it truly represents to me is the highest version of yourself.  Branding imagery is a way for you to connect with your ideal clients.  

My job is to elevate your online presence so they find you and connect with you.  I am not going to lie, it is a pretty personal process, honestly a little bit like therapy in a way.  I love to break down barriers and pull out the inner you.  My big shiny personality helps us accomplish this is a very short time.  I am very perceptive to energy and extremely visual.  

We begin with a online consultation where we go over your brand and what you are looking for at the time.  This includes a Vision board at the end to set the tone for our Session.  Together we plan out our situations, our attire, the colour scheme, the look, the vibe and the final outcome~ the feeling.  

Working with me includes a What to Wear guide and access to the best hair and makeup techs in the Industry.  There are different packages for different needs.  It may be as simple as a background headshot or as inclusive as a studio rental including stylists. Each package is tailored to the client.