There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”

Robert Frank

it’s me

Charity Citron

Hey there guys! It’s me Charity. I would love to share some little tid bits about myself and my style of Photography.

I feel super lucky to be doing what I love everyday and interacting with people on the daily.

I am a natural light photographer, I want to capture you and or your family in the most comfortable of scenarios. Where you look awesome, feel comfortable and really relate to the images when we are done! I want your photographs to be the most amazing memories you will want to treasure forever!



My goal is to capture you and your family doing you!! With the help of me and my stylist, the best version of you of course!! What I am going for as a photographer is to capture emotion. When you have your photographs taken by me, we are running out to the grassy fields or the apple orchards, or one of my absolute faves, the Beach…it’s so timeless. I love urban and lifestyle in your home as well. We will have the location and your clothing represent each other beautifully.  We will work together to capture your family in the most perfect scenario for you!!! Let’s talk about the decor of your house too, these images will want to blend perfectly or pop artistically. So much to talk about!!!!





Oh hey there!! Remember early summer 2018 when my family and I jetsetted over to Italy for a 2 week family vacation. ...

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